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When you need a dedicated landscape lighting designer to help you illuminate your property, you can count on us.

Having a beautiful property is something that any homeowner or business owner can take great pride in. However, you need proper landscape lighting to appreciate its beauty at night. Here at Pelican Prowash, we’re best known for our exceptional exterior cleaning services, but that’s not the only way we can help you make your property beautiful. We also offer exterior lighting services, so if you’re looking for a landscape lighting designer in the Southport, North Carolina area, we’re the ones to turn to.

Landscape Lighting Designer in Southport, North Carolina

When you choose to work with a landscape lighting designer from our team, you’re choosing a company that truly cares about helping you get the most out of your property. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your front walkways, brighten up your backyard patio area, or add extra security to protect your home at night, we can help you create a lighting solution that is both practical and attractive. We’ll go over your goals and create a unique plan that enhances your property and makes it a pleasure to be on once the sun goes down.

If you have a commercial property, a landscape lighting designer from our team can help you plan out effective lighting that not only makes your business look good after dark but also helps prevent vandals and intruders from coming onto your property. Your early morning and late night employees are sure to appreciate the added security and safety that landscape lighting installed by our expert team can provide.

If you’d like to learn more about how a landscape lighting designer from our team can help you get a well-lit property, reach out today. We proudly serve those in Southport and surrounding areas.

At Pelican Prowash, our landscape lighting designers proudly serve Southport, Shallotte, Ocean Isle, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and Wilmington, North Carolina.